Safety Features You Should Focus On When Buying a Car

According to government statistics, nearly 49,000 people have died in road accidents since 1989. It has been on an average of over 1,000 deaths per year. The surprising statistic tells us that we should all do whatever we can to keep ourselves safe while we get from point X to Y. Nowadays, most manufactured cars have several smart and reasonable features that help prevent accidents. According to past reviews related to car insurance, you must carefully check some necessary features before buying that car. Don’t forget always to secure yourself with insurance as well.

1.  Autonomous Emergency Braking

Because of exhaustion or distraction, accidents happen by momentary lapses of attention and focus, which may occur to anyone.

Autonomous emergency braking is a smart feature that helps you prevent a collision by automatically detecting your surroundings and braking. This feature is prevalent on mid-to-high-end vehicles like the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe.

2.  Adaptive Cruise Control

When there is traffic on motorways, it’s easy to have an accident. This adaptive cruise control makes driving safer and more comfortable at moments like these.

This feature allows you to set the preferred speed and the following distance instead of continually switching between the brakes and the accelerator. When traffic slows to maintain the next gap, it then automatically breaks, accelerating the vehicle back up to speed.

3.  Rear Park Assist and Reversing Cameras

Many accidents have occurred at low speeds when drivers are either turning or navigating a car park. These typically cause nothing more than minor dents and annoyance, but sometimes, injury or even death may occur when a pedestrian is involved. Reverse cameras and rear parking help to reduce the risk of collisions at low speeds.

It is almost impossible to miss other motorists, obstacles, or pedestrians while reversing to see the rear of your car from a low-angled camera feeding to a screen in the dash. Rear park assistance makes the work much more straightforward, leaving you to control the brakes and accelerator by taking over the steering while backing into a car park.

4.  Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist

When you talk to the kids at the back seat or change the radio station, it’s easy to veer out of your lane a bit. The lane departure warning senses the correct direction and offers visual and audio alert if you depart from it and if you continue to veer, steering inputs eventually.

This function is included in most new vehicles and successfully avoids motorway accidents and head-on collisions on national roads.

5.  Driver Attention Monitor

A moment’s distraction is all it takes to cause an accident, which is why driver attention monitors are such a great feature. The technology uses sensors and provides audio-visual feedback to snap you back, assessing your attention on the road.

It helps to keep you focused at all times, which is an efficient way of keeping you safe on the road, of course.

6.  Seek Assistance from Professionals

If you’re not ready to spend time investigating a new car’s safety features, why not leave it to professionals you can trust? Each vehicle rates from one to five, with one being the least secure and five the most secure.

In crash cases, professional company checks vehicles. It looks at everything from the way the cars crumple to the functionality of its innovative safety systems and the positioning of its airbags. Therefore, after considering all necessary information, decide how safe the vehicle is overall, with five stars only being the safest. The best way to ensure that the car you are about to purchase is secure is to check for reviews on sites such as

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