Engineering Construction How PPE is Making The Future Brighter

Safety is critical in the construction industry, and there are different types of PPE to make that possible– these protect the employees not only from injuries but health hazards as well. For that reason, those who are part of the construction industry continue to look for ways on how to improve PPE technology for the following years.

They have been analyzing the trends in the market to identify the challenges and opportunities in different sectors. For now, allow us to talk about the best futuristic PPE technology to look out for in 2018.

Para-Aramid Synthetic Fiber

Lately, the construction industry and technology have been collaborating to come up with the best trends present in PPE today. One of which is the para-aramid synthetic fiber, which is better favorite called “Kevlar.”

This fiber was first invented during the 70s and used as an alternative to steel in racing tires. It’s manufactured in a way where it’s spun into fabric sheets or ropes that could be utilized as an increasing composition.

Its remarkable features make it a perfect material for different equipment, accessories, and clothing that are capable of keeping the user safe and protected from cuts. Aside from that, it can also lighten the load of the wearer.

Fire Retardant Fabric

Another thing to look out for in PPE technology would be the fire-proof fabrics commonly used in safety vests for emergency response teams. These are tolerant to flames due to the chemical treatment it underwent. This allows the wearer to stay cool even in hot-temperature for extended periods of time.

Back in the days, it’s only accessible for military and government use, but now, these are easily accessible and have been incorporated in PPE.

Despite that, it’s still worth noting that there’s an emerging issue regarding end-of-service-life signals for products, such as body protection and respirators. As of the moment, the modification schedule is according to the wearer’s inspection and best perception.

Through the utilization of advanced technology, it has become easier to ensure safety within the job site. It has been developed to eliminate the guesswork and give the user a more detailed and accurate report regarding the product’s end-of-life status.

Aside from that, there are also some brands that allowed the user to modify the protective equipment based on their needs, giving them the full control they want.

Eye Protection Beyond Projectiles

Perhaps, one of the most important trends that we should look out for would be the safety glasses. Experts have been developing these wearables in a way that they are capable of doing some things aside from protecting the wearer from projectiles moving directly toward the eyes.

For those who are not familiar with this, microscopic airborne debris, such as small particles, dust, and the like could cause significant irritation and damage to the eye. The most effective solution for this has frame fronts that are fitted with foam– this creates a seal around the orbital cavity.

Lately, there have been recent advances in anti-fog technologies, giving the assurance that the wearer will stay comfortable all throughout.

Comfortable Respirators

The use of high-powered air-purifying respirators continue to grow, and because of that, users are starting to consider using models that offer optimum comfort, such as being lighter-weight with a variable airflow– most especially, longer battery life. Fortunately, this is being developed and by 2018, it will be available in the market.

Trendy, Yet Useful PPE

Fashion in the workplace has been possible even in the construction industry. In 2018, we can expect that PPE will be more ‘fashionable’ in a sense that construction workers wouldn’t mind wearing them.

Safety and health workers are very much aware that PPE shouldn’t only be useful, but it should also be comfortable at the same time. Experts are also aware that the wearer should feel comfortable while wearing the PPE. This is the only way to ensure that they’ll be wearing them all the time.

By having PPE that meets the needs and demands of the consumer, this can be guaranteed.

Safety PPE is available in a wide range of colors, functions, styles, and materials while being able to offer the required protection the wearer needs. This shift can be more enjoyed in the following years.

Smart PPE Leading The Way For Worker Safety & Efficiency

There have been several studies done on PPE, and most users want their PPE to be comfortable and provide essential functions. Fortunately, with the help of technology, this has become possible.

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