AutomotiveIn case you aren’t getting the restore, they a minimum of receives a commission for the time it took to diagnose it. That sounds truthful enough, but typically, it’s anything but honest. Most dealerships will cost a flat fee, which most often is their labor rate per hour. This charge can vary anywhere from $90 to $125 and in some circumstances much more relying on the make of your reality is that the majority of the time it takes so much lower than one hour to diagnose the problem, but you continue to end up paying the identical fee. Once I ran service departments I never charged this manner as a result of it’s unfair to the shopper. Instead I would cost the actual time it took to diagnose the vehicle (Ex: $a hundred per hr. and it took 30 minutes to diagnose = $50.00 charge) and you should insist upon the same. Next is a 2004 Dodge Ram Truck that the proprietor said just died out and now’s a crank and no start. The shop checked for PCM communication and had none. They also verify for spark and had none. I arrive and confirm the no communication with the PCM. I test for correct 5vref and have a strange fluctuating voltage that by no means reaches three.0 volts. Ok, possibly I have a sensor that’s loading the 5vref line down. That is pretty widespread. A couple of minutes later all sensors on the 5vref line have been disconnected and I nonetheless haven’t got a solid 5vref. Lets verify powers and grounds on the PCM. I pull a wiring diagram and verify correct powers and grounds. Did this PCM go unhealthy? Looking that manner. I have been burnt earlier than with JTEC terminal stress. I pull the PCM connectors to do a pin drag test and shortly see my situation.

Hi there G. about your query, it depends loads on the place you might be and the kind of market you might be tackling, I at present stay and work in Mexico Metropolis, due to this fact I’m not updated with what’s being charged within the States or other countries, but for some steerage, I think for removing some scratches, charging half of what you’d charge for some shade and clear coating a part would be about fare sufficient. Nonetheless whatever you cost is totally as much as you the objective needs to be to make the perfect cash you’ll be able to without losing costumers resulting from charging too much.

Over the past few several months of constructing this car I used to be capable of overcome several obstacles with completing the automobile. Nevertheless, after lastly having the ability to hear the car run I used to be struck with but two more points. To my dismay I got here to discover that my fuel pump stopped working shortly after I was in a position to start my automotive for the primary time. Furthermore, the wee, following my first fire I discovered that my rebuild starter was drawing a dead quick.

I have had issues for years with squirrels stepping into my truck. They’ve causes havoc tearing apart wiring harnesses, insulation and stashing their meals in the cabin filter consumption. After spending hundreds of dollars on repairs and tons of of dollars for the so referred to as solutions; peppermint spray, moth balls etc. I have finally discovered an answer that works! I purchased a Mouse Blocker and have not seen the pesky varmints again since installing it! I admire all the assistance everyone has suggested on this site. If it wasn’t for mention of the Mouse Blocker I could have by no means found an answer and lost my sanity by now!

Battery service: This merchandise does not present up in each automotive’s upkeep schedule, nevertheless it’s necessary to test the battery condition, the electrolyte level, the condition of the hold-down mechanism, that the terminals stay clear and tight, and that the tray and battery case remain in good situation and clean. Once corrosion builds up across the battery terminals, it will make it laborious for you to begin the car, the alternator could have problem charging the battery, and the battery service life will shorten. You possibly can remove corrosion through the use of an answer of baking soda and warm water. This simple service will go a great distance in extending the service life of your battery.

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