Five ways to reduce the risk of thieves targeting your car

The incidence of car theft has been steadily increasing over the last few years. Cars are now a ‘must have’ possession that says something about who we are, in the same way that wrist watches and branded clothing.

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It would be fair to assume that if you splash out on a new German vehicle or an Italian two-seater, then your pride and joy will be safe from thieves. Sadly, this is far from the truth. As quickly as technology is introduced, so is the thieves’ ability to out-smart the manufacturers. Anti-theft systems are often actually easier to bypass than more traditional methods.

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Where you leave your vehicle is important. Don’t just park at the first opportunity, but take a good look round first. Leaving your car on the top floor of a car park when you go shopping or at the airport may seem like a good idea because there is plenty of space, but in reality, you are better off in the busiest spaces where there will be plenty of people around. Look out for CCTV cameras and choose a spot where there is plenty of light.


Whatever you do, never leave anything on the seats or in sight. Even a handful of coins for the supermarket trolley can be a temptation for someone who may risk breaking your window in the hope that there is more to be found on the inside. If you have a hatchback, remove the vanity cover to show that you haven’t left your shopping in the boot.

The glove compartment

Try and resist the temptation to keep all your car-related documents in the glove compartment. In the event that thieves break into your car, why give them the added bonus of finding your log-book, service history and breakdown recovery card, as well as the odd bank statement too? Don’t even consider leaving spare keys in your car. If you work in the car industry, make sure you are covered with motor trade insurance ( ).

Old-fashioned locks

It is not unsurprising that the old ways are making a comeback. There is nothing as annoying for a thief, hoping to make a quick getaway with your car, than the sight of a bright yellow clamp attached to your steering wheel.

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