Ford Car Leasing – Terms to Know

If you plan to lease a car in the near future, then it would be beneficial to know some of the most important Ford car leasing terms. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s going on during the negotiations. When you understand what the dealer is saying it will help you to know if you’re getting a good deal or if you should back away and try another company. Acquisition Fee is the charge put in place by the leasing company to cover the processing fees. Base Interest Rate is determined by the amount of interest that will be paid throughout the duration of the agreement.

Depreciation is the amount of money that the vehicle will decrease in value during the term of the ford lease.   Early Termination Fee is what you’ll be required to pay if, for whatever reason, you decide to end the contract early.  Dealer Participation is any form of discount given by the leasing company that helps to reduce the purchase price.   Excess Wear and Tear is the term used to describe damage done to the vehicle that is considered to not be normal or anything caused by neglect.    Leasing Term is the length of time the contract is written for and it usually runs for twelve, twenty-four or thirty-six months although, longer leasing terms will sometimes be offered. For more details check out on outdoor ford covers for car.

Security deposit is the amount of money that you pay at the beginning of the contract to cover any excessive damage done to the vehicle.  Mileage Allowance is the number of miles allotted for you throughout the duration of the contract.   This is not a complete list of all the terminology used in the leasing business but it’s enough to help you get an idea of what to expect. You may want to go over a complete list before you enter into a Ford lease agreement.

One thing is for sure, the terms used in Ford car leasing can get confusing if you don’t understand what they mean. However, you don’t have to be left out of the conversation and end up totally confused. Use the information above to help educate yourself on the terminology used and if they do come up with something that you don’t understand, you should never hesitate to ask for an explanation. After all, you’re the one that’s going to be responsible for the debt once the contract is signed. You deserve to know exactly what you’re signing.

How Long Should Your Ford Car Leasing Contract Run?

In order to determine how long you should lease your next Ford, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Normally, a shorter lease means lower payments because the vehicle will not depreciate in value as much in one year as it will in two or three. Since the overall cost of the leasing agreement is partly determined by the depreciating value, this is an important question.

The next thing to ask yourself is what do you plan to do at the end of the leasing contract? If you give the vehicle back, you’ll be without transportation unless you have already made other arrangements. Of course, you could always opt to purchase the Ford that you’re leasing or lease another one. Nevertheless, this is something that you need to consider before you lease the vehicle. Otherwise, you may find yourself trying to figure out what to do at the end of the lease. Plus, it will give you an idea of how long you actually need the leased vehicle.

You also have to consider other things such as, how long the warranty runs and what type of maintenance package you plan to take out. The older the vehicle becomes the more likely it will be that you’ll start having maintenance problems. You want to make sure that you are fully covered for the duration of the contract. It’s never a good idea to lease a vehicle for longer than the manufactures warranty will run so, this is something else that you need to find out and use as a guide.

In the end, only you can decide how long to lease your next Ford but asking yourself these questions can make it easier to decide. If you go into the leasing company with no idea of what you want or what you plan to do, it could end up causing problems later or costing you more money than you wish to spend. Be prepared and your Ford car leasing experience should go smoothly and you’ll be able to decide how long to lease your Ford without any difficultly.

Ford – The UK’s Market Leader

When it comes to purchasing new cars, few manufacturers can offer as much choice and variety as Ford. All Ford cars are class-leaders and the extensive range covers every market sector imaginable, from city car through to seven-seat people carrier and all points in between. Ford has long been Britain’s market leader with a fantastic range that includes the New Ka, New Fiesta, New Focus and New Mondeo. There is also the C-Max mini-MPV, sporty S-Max MPV (a former European Car of the Year) and the spacious, full-size Galaxy people carrier to consider too while the Focus Coupe Cabriolet remains one of the leaders in its particular field. Then there’s the award-winning Kuga 4×4 to consider.

Ford’s very latest new models include the Fiesta, Kuga and Ka. We start by looking at what is arguably the most important model, the Fiesta. The Fiesta’s lineage stretches back to 1976 but over all those years, one thing has remained constant. This has always been the car that signified the health of the supermini sector. It was always there or thereabouts when buyers were drawing up shortlists and it was usually the best car in its class to drive by quite some margin. The most recent sixth generation car was again a great drive but lacked the quality modern cabin of the best cars in its class. This seventh generation Fiesta has covered those bases.

This Fiesta may not be the largest car in the supermini sector but on just about every other main criteria, it’s either up there or class-leading. It at last has cutting edge looks and a decent cabin, plus the ECOnetic version shows other makers how green a compact yet practical runabout like this can be. Trim levels start with Studio, rising through Style and Style+ to the low running cost-ECOnetic model. The Fiesta Zetec, as before, is expecting to be popular, likely to account for around 35% of sales, while sporty drivers get the 3-door-only Zetec-S, offered either with 1.6-litre TDCi diesel power or the 1.6-litre Duratec Ti-VCT petrol unit. At the top of the range, Titanium variants are specced up like Christmas trees but retail at the kind of money which would buy you a significantly larger car. Less, as so often, is more. Anyway, even entry-level Fiestas come with ABS, front, side and knee airbags, a CD player, central locking and electric mirrors. There are nice touches too: we particularly liked the EasyFuel cap-less refuelling. Overall then, the new Fiesta is a model that small car buyers simply can’t ignore.

When it comes to the Kuga, in giving up trying to sell us a conventional 4×4 and instead concentrating on a niche crossover vehicle, Ford might just have hit on something. The Kuga looks great, it’ll hopefully persuade a few 4×4 drivers to downsize into something more suited to their requirements and with the 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine and 2WD option, Ford has made a powerful statement regarding the environmental credentials of this sort of vehicle.

The Kuga certainly created a huge buzz when the wraps came off that first Electric White prototype at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. The production-ready version has been kept refreshingly similar, at least in terms of exterior styling. Perhaps the Kuga’s most impressive achievement is that it’s a four-wheel drive car that targets an urban clientele but which it’s virtually impossible to take exception to. That’ll be more than enough justification for a very respectable swathe of customers.

Ford’s new Ka may not quite have the cheeky spirit of the original version but it does have all the tools necessary to retain Ford’s leadership in the UK city car segment. Some previous owners would doubtless have preferred it if this model, like its predecessor, had been more of its own car and less of a shrunken Fiesta. Yet, for many others, a shrunken, more affordable Fiesta with a dash of extra flair inside is exactly what they’re looking for. Both however, may be satisfied as Ford gradually develops the Ka model range. It will be interesting to see what’s in store. What’s more, with this popular marque, you can be sure of finding some great Ford deals out there in the market place.

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