The Best Cars in the UK

There are so many types of roads, highways and byways, country lanes, dirt roads, tracks in the United Kingdom. As many as there are of those, there are as many types of cars.

A car buyer is spoilt for choice. From SUVs, pickups, MPVs, to sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars, and luxury cars, buyers can also choose from EV, hybrid or hydrogen-powered vehicles today.

Many car buyers will select a vehicle that will suit their needs and lifestyle. A sports car most certainly won’t do for a family of 5 with 2 dogs. Neither would a utilitarian 7-seater SUV do a single person any good when they live in the centre of London.

Are buyers focused on price and affordable vehicles? You bet. Ownership costs and fuel-efficiency play an enormous part in buying decisions for vehicle owners. In the UK, used car sales outstrip new car sales by 5 times.

The cost of repair and maintenance of used cars also makes them more affordable for many. If you’re handy with a spanner, you’ll most likely be able to change your car’s spark plugs and other basic maintenance tasks. You can further lower the cost of maintenance by buying those types of parts at outlets such as Car Parts 4 Less. If the car part isn’t correct, you can simply return it for the correct one. You can read about car parts and Car Parts 4 Less returns policy.

At the same time, you can read car product reviews to better understand which car products will be best for your car and which car products can make your car safer and more fun, too.

Let’s look at the biggest selling car in the United Kingdom as a measure of people’s appetites for cars. Over the past 3 years, the most popular new car was the Ford Fiesta hatchback. The next most popular vehicle is actually the Fiesta’s larger sibling, the Focus model. The Vauxhall Corsa has been the third most sold car in the United Kingdom for 3 years.

Those vehicles are family-oriented hatchbacks. The Fiesta and Corsa lean more to the affordable end of the spectrum while the Focus is a more upmarket, larger vehicle aimed at larger families and offers more in the way of comfort, luxury, and safety. Those are fantastic vehicles for urban dwellers.

As we’ve mentioned, there are as many types of cars as there are types of buyers.

The countryside’s muddy lanes, dirt roads, snowdrifts, and icy roads make 4x4s a necessity. Here SUVs are more popular. Land Rover, BMW’s X range of models, Volkswagen’s SUVs, and Nissan off-roaders dominate in popularity. They afford the drivers with higher ground clearance, the traction of 4×4, and the possibility to tow enormous weights, while city commuters require their cars to only carry occupants to and from their office and local shop.

For highway commuters, comfort plays a large role in their driving. A car that can comfortably soak up hundreds of miles a week are more important that sports cars, pickups, and MPVs. They also seek cars that are low in fuel usage to maximise their fuel consumption and stretch out every Pound.

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